Saturday, July 27, 2013

Making Memory

One of my girls' favorite games is Memory, where you place cards face down and try to create matches by turning only two over in a turn. Since it was Toys & Games week at Maker Camp, I decided to put our own twist on this classic!

I created a simple blank template in Word, into which I placed black and white summer themed images. Then I printed the sheets on cardstock and let kids color in the images as they liked. (Since my printer automatically does double-sided prints, it was easy to add a fun logo on the back.) Then they just cut along the lines, and voilĂ , time to play!

Of course, I couldn't stop there! So I made a science themed Memory game too! You can put clip art into the blank and make whatever theme you want to! It's a fun way for kids to personalize the game with whatever they're into -- dinosaurs, wild animals, flowers... For older kids, you can fill all 12 squares with different items and print two copies, making a more challenging games.

Once I had those made, I decided to do something my girls would really love. So I popped in some of our favorite digital family pictures into the squares, printed onto cardstock and laminated the pages before cutting. They loved it! This is a great way to make personalized gift, by the way. You can expand it as much as you like!

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