Friday, September 27, 2013

Musical fun with Brook Falls Farm

The Highlands Festival was full of wonderful music, with some really great bands gracing its two stages. But on Sunday, KLC hosted music for the kids and let them play along, thanks to our friend Deb of Morning Door and Brook Falls Farm.

Here's Deb making shakers with our first group.
We started by making musical shakers made from recycled materials. First we cut brown paper, collected from Amazon shipping boxes, to the proper size to wrap around a toilet paper rolls. Then we decorated the paper with markers and stickers. Next we wrapped the paper around the roll and used string, rubber bands or tape to seal the bottom. We added a few tablespoons of birdseed to the roll (rice or dried beans would work too) and sealed it on top. To finish of our shaker, we added feathers to the ends.

Then is was time to sing along with Deb and her musical friends. She brought lots of great instruments to try out as well -- lots of tambourines and drums!

We'll see Deb again really soon. On Saturday, October 5, she's hosting her own event: The Middleville Music Festival! Deb also offers great music lesson -- guitar, piano and voice -- for kids in and around Stillwater, NJ!

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