Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Annex

After falling trees, floods and freak snowstorms, Kaleidoscppe has had a lot of trouble settling into a space for classes. We've been very lucky to have the support of our community, particularly that of EcoZOica Consciousness Lounge, who provided us with space for programs while we waitied for renovations to be completed.

Though our little yellow building is still in the works, we have been able to complete a cozy space nearby. Kaleidoscope is now operating out of the first floor of 2 Footbridge Lane, the large red building where Dr. Magalio's dentistry practice is housed. We like to call it "The Annex." There we have a large classroom, a smaller playroom, and a tidy bathroom.

Work will continue on our larger space, but at least we have a home!

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